Among cosmetic procedures nose job is commonly called Rhinoplasty has some specific features. This surgery is further than surgery skill and in fact it is the combination of science and art. The surgeon of nose before everything is a doctor and can comprehend medical and mental factors that cause representing the individual with his or her choice. By the way, He or she is like Anj statue maker.

Michael Anj has a slice of stone and by his internal eye can see her wonder in it.

He trashes the stone and present his wonder in from of the others exposure.

Nose surgeon by mentioning the good shape of nose for every special face, by taking out some additional part and by making the rest of them, try to expose his wonder in seen apparently, he never sees a nose individually, But also he sees the nose as the other parts by face. On the other word, by pretending a good nose shape, can’t create ideal nose. Actually the best nose is a kind that it has harmonized with other organs of face. Expectations and imaginations none – realistically about nose surgery is a lot. It is not possible to change organs of human that the patient likes it. The aim of surgeon is that, making the patients appearances by doing some actions which are carefully planned. How to make this importance depends on his training, experience, science, skill and all these factors are variable.


Contributing patient and unconscious reactions also have an important role in ultimate result. Surgeon can’t warrantee “secure” the ultimate result surgery, But also he can warrantee that all his Efforts would be used for having better result.

There are two techniques or method in nose surgery which are called open and close methods, some surgeons prefer open method and some of them prefer close method but totally fans of open surgery are increasing. Using close or open method by surgeon isn’t tagged bad score for him. It is important that the ultimate result becomes great. There are some cases that most of the doctors prefer open method such as: repetitive surgery, surgery on nose that is caused by accident and becomes reframed, Beauty surgery when It comes by the extreme curve of nose. The only difference between open and close methods is that in open method in addition of cutting that is used in close method, there is a bit cut on skin between two holes of nose that is lower than the Edges of nose. This cutting provides the possibility that can take out skin and can see all main parts of nose such as Bone parts, soft parts and do the surgery by direct seen. The location of sticking stiches is not appeared, and there is no worry about it. The point that is necessary to mention is that cutting or uncut ting the edges of nose has no relation with open or close methods. But also depends on the size of holes and edges of nose.

It means that if the holes of nose are bigger and it is necessary to make them tighter “smaller”. There is no way, just cutting the edges of nose even if with surgery by close method.

The advantages of open method: surgery is done under direct seen so The power of maneuver of surgeon and the place of working for him are extended. Repairing “treating” surgery of nose is a surgery that is done for improving and solving some errors that is created by his or her previous surgery. Sometime, the second surgery by the aim of fitting previous errors in first surgery which are ignored is done.

The time of nose fitting “treating” surgery: there is an advisement in most of the cases that, At least it should pass around a year after the first nose surgery and then tend to do the fitting “treating” surgery. Rarely some nose mistakes or errors can be overcame sooner than a year. For example, the bone curving of nose that is missed from the view of doctor in first surgery, simply offer 6 month is able to do surgery.

Different noses and the result of Rhinnoplasty surgery on them:

Thick skin “meaty” nose”: some noses are famous by meaty nose that the features of them are thick skin and The tips of these noses are so soft.

Rhinoplasty would be ideal in this case in which the surgeon creates a solid skeleton beneath the thick nasal skin and forms the nose to the patient’s preference.

In some cases, the surgeon will fill the empty spaces and draw the nasal skin to the cartilage to avoid the congregation of discharges and additional tissue in nose tip.

 None meaty noses:the skin of nose may be very slim, up to that we see the shape of skin and anatomy. This nose is “bony nose”. In comparison with meaty nose this is skinny and not thick . The tip of these noses is so soft. It seems that there is no under skin.

The manner of surgery on meat nose and skinny nose are different. From the point that in Raynoplasty surgeory, the skin never changes and surgery is on Bone “skeleton”, on meaty nose The aim of beauty surgery, is improving the appearance, not reaching to the perfect and absolute beauty. Several problems of nose such as the width of nose, bigness of nose holes, boxing manner of the tip of nose, falling the tip of nose, can be improved under the surgery.